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Nidia Reyes, St. Paul, Alberta

I feel very fortunate to be working in Canada. My employer is very accessible and always present to offer me assistance. The first few weeks, I worked in the bakery area of Tim Horton's and if really helped me learn a lot. In fact everything is pre-packaged in freezers, ready to be baked. We just place the product in trays and then bake it. We do not have to make the dough or anything. We Just finish the decoration of the baked goods. At Tim Horton's, everything is standardized and so it's easy to follow the guidelines for each product.

Angel Omar Richter, Olds Alberta

I would like to thank everyone at the employment office In Sinaloa and the General Coordination of National Employment Service in Mexico. Without their help, I would not have been able to get this great job opportunity that I now hove with my colleagues. Everyone here in Canada is very friendly, especially my employers at Tim Horton's.

Laura Elena Vargas, Bonyville, Alberta

I love Bonyville. The weather here is lovely and the people are very friendly. Everything is going fantastic because I have now become the store manager and I am still working hard.

Laura Elena Luna, Canmore, Alberta

I would like to thank the General Coordination of Notional Employment Service in Mexico. Without your support, this big step in my life would not have been possible. While the adaptation to a new culture has been challenging, can say that the two years I have spent in Conmore have been one of the best experiences of my life. I worked as o food counter attendant. People appreciate your efforts every day and I've seen it reflected in my employment, having obtained a promotion to supervisor just a month ago. Plus, the work environment is great: my supervisors are awesome and I learn from my colleagues who, themselves, are from different cultures.

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